The main goal of Castivia is to give everyone the opportunity to share their social media simply by wearing a T-shirt personalized by you. Following someone or getting new followers will be much easier now!
Castivia is a small company created to suit the needs of all the influencers. The idea behind Castivia is to make it easier to share your social media with just one scan. Nowadays, when we meet someone, one of the first things you ask for is their Facebook, Instagram, etc. That's where Castivia can help you. You can have your profile printed on a T-shirt and sharing becomes easy and fun.
We create high-quality products which are made from scratch for each customer. (customizing, sewing, printing, packaging, delivering). Our store provides different products like T-shirts, sportswear, accessories, hoodies, and sweatshirts. You can personalize the product with a specific QR code, social media username, and logo. Sharing will become so fun and quick each time from now on!